GPO's New Management Team and Structure
November 2004

Organizational Chart as of 11-04

GPO Announces Structural Reorganization

                * after title below denotes new hire under Public Printer James 

Bruce R. James, Public Printer

William H. Turri, Deputy Public Printer*

Robert C. Tapella
, Chief of Staff* 
Maria Robinson,  Deputy Chief of Staff*

James C. Bradley, Managing Director of Customer Services

Robert E. Schwenk, Managing Director of Plant Operations 
Jeffrey J. Bernazzoli, Production Manager

Judith C. Russell, Superintendent of Documents* 
Thomas C. Evans, Deputy
Superintendent of Documents

Reynold C. Schweickhardt, Chief Information Officer; IRM Policy Manager*

Scott Stovall and Michael Wash, Co-Directors, Innovation & New Technology

Larry Jellen, Security and Intelligent Documents

Richard G. Davis, Director of the Office of Electronic Information Dissemination Services (EIDS)

Gregory A. Brower, Inspector General* 
Jackie Goff, Deputy Inspector General and Counsel to the IG* 
Steven A. Higgins,  Assistant Inspector General for Administration and Inspections*

William L. Boesch, Jr., Comptroller*

Steven T. Shedd, Chief Financial Officer*

Veronica Meter, Director of Public Relations*